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Cal Tjader - Los Ritmos Calientes

Cal Tjader - Los Ritmos Calientes

1.- Cubano Chant
2.- Goza
3.- Panchero Mambero
4.- Alegres Timbales
5.- Mambo Moderno
6.- Afro Corolombo
7.- Ritmo Caliente
8.- Lamento de Hodi
9.- Mambo Inn
10.- Buhuto (Nanigo 6/8)
11.- Alegres Congas
12.- Mueve la Cintura
13.- Bernie's Tune
14.- Perdido
15.- Armando's Hideaway
16.- Cuco on Timbales
17.- Tumbao
18.- Ritmo Rumba
19.- Big Nose From Winnetka
20.- Poinciana Cha Cha
21.- Mongorama
22.- Ritmo Africano
23.- Perfidia Cha Cha

- Cal Tjader (vibraphones, timbales);
- Gerald Sanfino (alto saxophone, flute);
- Jose "Chombo" Silva (tenor saxophone);
- Jerome Richardson (flute);
- Eddie Cano, Vince Guaraldi,
- Manuel Duran (piano);
- Richard Wyands (piano, percussion);
- Bobby Rodriguez, Eugene Wright (bass);
- Al McKibbon (bass, congas);
- Al Torres (drums);
- Armando Peraza (conga, bongos);
- Ramon "Mongo" Santamaria (congas);
- Bayardo Velarde (bongos, percussion);
- Armando "Cuco" Sanchez, Willie Bobo, Luis Kant (percussion).


When Cal Tjader recorded RITMO CALIENTE in 1954, he was already established as a respected Latin jazzman, enjoying popularity as a vibes player rivaling that of Red Norvo. However RITMO CALIENTE and its follow-up, MAS RITMO CALIENTE (the two albums are presented here on one CD), secured Tjader's position in jazz history as one of the finest fusion artists. The emphasis here may be on rhythm, but Tjader and his band's skillful phrasing are striking.

The Latin craze was in full swing in the States, with Desi Arnaz and Tito Puente both on the charts. But Tjader's music was on an entirely different plane. His music was high art, incorporating Latin percussion to create subtle, atmospheric rhythms.

His artistry, together with the jazz experiments of such greats as Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Parker, and Charles Mingus, brought jazz fusion to public attention. These recordings paved the way for the future fusion experiments of such artists as Miles Davis and Carlos Santana.

Tracks 1-13 originally released as RITMO CALIENTE on Fantasy (3216), and tracks 14-23 on MAS RITMO CALIENTE on Fantasy (3262). Includes original release liner notes by Ralph J. Gleason.

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