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Charlie Palmieri Quartet - Easy Does It

Charlie Palmieri Quartet - Easy Does It

A rare killer! Charlie Palmieri cut this album for the mostly-R&B Gone label in the years before moving onto straight Latin labels -- and the session's a rare treat with a very unique sound! Charlie is out front on piano, and the overall sound is straight Latin jazz, with lots of firey piano work, in a manner that you don't always get on some of Charlie's other albums. Johnny Pacheco plays bongos and conga, and the whole thing cooks nicely -- with some very strange arrangements and odd percussion at times -- making for a set that's both off-kilter, but nicely stripped down and grooving! Titles include "Ponce", "Cuban Love Song", "Take Me In Your Arms", "Pavanne", and "I'll Never Be The Same"

1. Cuban Love Song
2. Take Me in Your Arms
3. Jeepers Creepers
4. Pavanne
5. I'll Never Be the Same
6. I'll Be Around
7. Perfidia
8. Thou Swell
9. You and the Night and the Music
10. Ponce

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