sábado, 10 de mayo de 2008

Heineken Jazz Fest 1991

Heineken Jazz Fest 1991 - San Juan Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Heineken Jazz Fest - The Puerto Rico Heineken JazzFest, founded and produced by Luis A. Alvarez, is committed to the present and future development of Jazz in Puerto Rico. This effort is realized year after year with programs such as free concerts, musician forums with students, and seminars. All the energy expended by the producers and musicians involved with Puerto Rico Heineken JazzFest have culminated in the implementation of the Berklee on the Road seminar program.

1.- Paquito de Rivera y Sexteto - To Brenda With Love
2.- Humberto Ramirez JAzz Project - OPen Night
3.- Tropical People - Webop
4.- Giovani Hidalgo - Ian Manuel
5.- Havana NY San Juan Orchestra - Chic
6.- Latin American All Stars - Seventh Avenue
7.- Limited Edition - Parada Eliminada
8.- Tierra Nueva - Sandra
9.- O Brasil - Se voce nao vai voltar
10.- Tropikalia - Moliendo Cafe
11.- Havana NY San Juan Orchestra - Bithdayand rap Hilton mix

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