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Eddie Palmieri - Recorded Live At Sing Sing Vol 1- 2

Eddie Palmieri with Harlem River Drive
Recorded Live At Sing Sing Vol 1- 2

For a time in the late 1960s and early '70s, Latin music legend Eddie Palmieri's output had a political edge to it. His addressing of economic and racial injustice reached its pinnacle on 1971's RECORDED LIVE AT SING SING. Backed by his Harlem River Drive ensemble, this performance at the upstate New York prison also showcases the culmination of Palmieri's experiments in funk, jazz, and fusion. The combination here of relentless ethnic grooves, hard-hitting funk workouts, and political fire positions Palmieri and his band as something of a Latin equivalent of Fela Kuti and his Africa ensembles.

Vol I
1.- Introduction Joe Gaines M.C.
- Pa la Ocha Tambo (10:15)
2.- V.P. Blues (10.36)
3.- Muñeca (New Version) (7:1
4.- Introduction Joe Gaines M.C.
- Recitation: Jibaro / My Prettu Nigger by Felipe Luciano
5.- Azucar (1 & 3)

Vol II
1.- Introduction Joe Gaines M.C. (0:22)
- Vamonos pal Monte (7:32)
- Paquito Navarro Recitation (0:56)
- Calle de la Vera Cruz (7:01)
- Mi mujer espiritual (6:34)

2.- Introduction Joe Gaines M.C. (0:25)
- Somebodys sons (9:46)
- Felipe Luciano Recitation (0:42)
- Un rifle oracion (3:50)
- Diecisiete punto uno (7:25)

- Raymond Maldonado: Trumpet
- Nicky Marrero: Bongos
- Tony May: Remixing
- Eddie Palmieri: Piano, Leader
- Charlie Santiago: Timbales
- Ray Romero: Conga
- Felipe Luciano: Poetry, Guest Appearance
- Alvin Taylor: Guest Appearance
- Izzy Sanabria: Art Direction, Cover Design
- Harry Viggiano: Guitar
- Hank Anderson: Bass (Electric)
- Arturo Campa: Vocals, Choir, Chorus
- Arturo Franquiz: Vocals, Choir, Chorus
- Reggie Barnes: Drums
- Jose Rodrigues: Trombone
- Vicente Cartagena: Engineer
- Ernesto Lechner: Liner Notes
- Joe Cain : Producer, Supervisor
- Cornell Dupree: Guitar
- Jon Fausty : Remastering
- Joe Gaines : MC, Guest Appearance
- Andy Gonzalez: Bass
- Ismael Quintana: Vocals, Choir, Chorus
- Charlie Palmieri: Organ, Guest Appearance

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