sábado, 19 de abril de 2008

Cal Tjader Quartet - Jazz at the Blackhawk

Cal Tjader Quartet - Jazz at the Blackhawk

1. Bill B.
2. Land's End
3. I'll Remember April
4. Blues In The Night
5. Thinking Of You, MJQ
6. I've Never Been In Love Before
7. Two For Blues Suite
8. When The Sun Comes Out
9. Lover, Come Back To Me

- Cal Tjader: Vibraphone
- Vince Guaraldi: Piano
- Gene Wright: Bass
- Al Torre: Drums

Recorded at the Blackhawk, San Francisco
january 20, 1957 under the personal supervision of
John Noga and Guido Cacianti with incidental assitance fromS.W. Weiss and J.W. Easton

Digital remastering 1990 - Phil De lance (Fantasy Studios, Berkeley)

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