lunes, 26 de mayo de 2008

Johnny Blas - Skin & Bones

"Skin and Bones" es el primer álbum CuBop de Johnny Blas, resalta en este album la inusual la utilización de seccion de cuatro trombones Obtuvo elogios de revistas como Latin Percussionist, quien le dio la calificacion de "Excelente" al disco y dijo: Definitivamente este grupo tiene su propio sonido jazz latino."

Johnny Blas - Skin & Bones

1.- Huesos
2.- Adelante
3.- Gianna
4.- Something Within Me
5.- I Remember Bennie Green
6.- Skin & Bones
7.- Cool Blas
8.- Mas Azucar
9.- Afro-Rican
10.- Yo No Sé
11.- Black Bean Power
12.- Skin & Bones (Reprise)

- Robert Melendez (Percussion, Bongos, Timbales, Bells, Choir, Chorus, Maracas, Guiro)
- Dan Weinstein (Trombone, Recording Director, Choir, Chorus, Arranger, Liner Notes, Mixing, Horn Arrangements)
- Francisco Torres (Trombone)
- Johnny Blas (Bass, Percussion, Mixing, Liner Notes, Main Performer, Producer, Choir, Chorus, Conga)
- Steve Baxter (Trombone)
- Jonathan Pintoff (Bass)
- Mark Gutierrez (Guitar (Acoustic), Choir, Chorus, Guitar (Electric), Mixing, Recording Director, Rhythm Arrangements, Arranger, Piano)
- Dave Pike (Vibraphone)
- Michael McFadden (Executive Producer, Photography)
- Jody McFadin (Executive Producer)

Todos los créditos a Gallonegro


With a herd of trombones, a driving swing, jazz cat Dave Pike on vibes, and a percussion section that will melt asphalt, this CD is a summer sizzler of some fresh Latin jazz for an emerging talent. Originally from NYC, Blas is a conguero with old school chops ala Barretto and Mongo, who is infusing those influences with a vibrant ensemble that doesn't let up. While it's rough-around-the-edges in production detail, for vibe and groove it's commendable. Dave Pike, who is a West Coast icon for his jazz work in the fifties with pianist Carl Perkins and bassist Curtis Counce, as well as his sixties tenure with Herbie Mann, sounds slightly off balance at places though he definitely hooks on to the insatiable swing of pieces like Adelante. Afro-Rican, a six-eight original by Blas, features Steve Baxter on trombone and has a catchy melody that will have you whistling as you dance around. Black Bean Power is my favorite with everything just right. The solos are exceptional, with Blas proving why he's boss as he tears into the cueros with authority and an excitement that on most tracks takes a few choruses to build. Beefs includes poor intonation and under-rehearsed charts that have good ideas but are slightly sloppy. Polish the edges and the band will shine like a pair of Stacey Adam shoes on a Sunday afternoon walk down Whittier Blvd. (Latin Beat Magazine 1997)

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